Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Interview with H.A. Robinson

H.A. Robinson
Name 5 Best Gifts You Would Love To Get From Your Friends?

 The best gift my friends ever give me is their friendship. I’m extremely lucky to have amazing friends who I know are always there. They make me laugh constantly, even when I’m in a right old mood and I love them for that. <3

When Do You Start Shopping For Christmas? 

Well, every year I say I’m going to be super organised and start in the summer to spread the cost. Then I invariably get sidetracked by shiny things until at least November and fail miserably!

Have You Ever Recycled A Christmas Present?

 Depends what you mean by recycled. I don’t think I’ve ever regifted and passed things on taking credit for them, but I have sent things I couldn’t use to charity shops etc.

Favourite Gift Received As A Child?

 Probably my bike. I spent hours on that thing and used it to death.

 Hardest Person to Buy For?

 It was always my nana. What do you buy for the woman who has everything but uses none of it? Now, I’d love the chance to buy for her again.

 What's Your Favourite Part About Christmas?

 The togetherness of it. I’m lucky to have a really close knit family and we always take care of one another at Christmas and spend it together. I love hanging out and just being a family.

Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions? 

I don’t really because I’m a care worker so I’ve worked a lot of Christmases over the years.

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Food? 

My mum’s Christmas dinner. She is a great cook and always does an amazing spread.

Favourite Christmas Song?

 Oh Holy Night

Favourite Christmas Film?

 I’d struggle to choose just one, but I adore the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I watch it with my dad every year at least once. Love Actually is another favourite.

Have You Ever Been Kissed Under The Mistletoe?

 What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe. :P

What Would You Like To Find In Your Christmas Stocking?

 Socks. Always socks! I love them.

Would You Be On Santa’s Naughty Or Nice List? 

I really wanna say the nice list, but let’s face it, it’s hardly likely, is it? LOL

It's The Office Christmas Party, Who Do You Have Hot Sex With In The Supply Cupboard? (Can Be Anyone You Want)

 Umm… I work with an entirely female staff team so this one might be tricky lol

Satan Has Come Over To Play. Are You Submissive Or The Dominant?

 I like to switch it up a bit. If it’s Tom Ellis’ Lucifer then I would pretty much do aaaaaanything he wanted!

Which Hottie Would You Love To Dress Up As Your Santa? 

Tom Hiddleston. Always!

What Book Character Would You Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

 Where do I even start with this?? So many. Mr. Darcy, Carmine from Sempre, Professor Lupin from Harry Potter, Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, plus like every male hero from the books of my friends.

Quick Fire Questions
Wrapping Paper Or Gift Bags? Bags. 

God bags. I HATE wrapping!

Real Tree Or Artificial?


Lights On The Tree (Coloured or Clear?)

 I prefer clear but we have coloured at the moment.

Steady Lights Or Twinkling? Steady. 

Twinkling ones give me migraines.

Angel, Star Or Ribbon On Top Of The Tree?


Open Presents Christmas Eve Or Morning?

 Christmas morning

Sprouts - Delicious Or Evil? 


Egg Nog or Mulled Wine?

I don’t like either. Cringes

Turkey Or Ham?

Dress up Or Casual? Casual!
 Dressing up brings me out in hives! 


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